Why is Trackon GPS the Best GPS Bus Tracker in Nepal?

Bus Tracking Software

Get the ability to see all of your buses' current locations in real time. With our bus tracking system, you can now view all of your fleet's data with a single click.

Create a Geofence

Using Trackon's GPS bus tracking solution, set geofences for your fleet of buses. Geofencing allows you to receive instant notifications when buses enter or exit defined regions.

Alerts in Real Time

Get real-time over-speeding notifications, bus start and stop alerts, and monitor idling in real time. With our GPS bus monitoring solution, you can keep track of fuel consumption, services and maintenance.

The Highest Level of Bus Safety

Whether your buses are in the bus-stop or on the road, the security of your bus is critical. With Trackon's bus GPS Tracker in Nepal, you can track your bus's location and receive alerts when it starts and stops.

Fuel Cost Management

The bus GPS tracking technology from Trackon might help you save money on fuel. Monitor your driver's behavior, reduce idling time, and save money on fuel.

Get Bus Reports

With the Trackon's Bus GPS app, you can collect detailed info on distance, routes, trips, and stops in the last 90 days. You can now have a wonderful time on the road with the best bus GPS tracker in Nepal.

Trackon's Bus GPS Tracking Devices vs Other Unbranded Devices

A Real-Time Monitoring System For Your Bus

In today's world, technology has made transparency accessible to everyone. So, if you want to track your bus fleet, you'll need to take the technical approach and use Trackon's bus GPS tracking software. Our bus tracking app provides clear insight into the movement and position of your fleet of buses. We give the best bus monitoring app to keep you informed at all times and from anywhere.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Our fleet tracking app gives precise position and diagnostic information in real time. Fleet managers now get real-time information on their bus' travels and locate their exact location. Fleet managers can also manage and maintain the whole schedule of buses with ease. Thanks to Trackon's bus GPS tracking service, buses follow their schedules and work efficiently.

Increase the profitability from the Bus operations

Increase the profitability from the Bus operations

You can improve the transparency of your vehicle fleet by using Trackon's fleet GPS tracking software. Your maintenance expenses will decrease and your efficiency will increase by placing a fleet GPS tracker on your buses. You can ensure that safe driving practices are being followed on the road and get real-time updates on speed alerts, idle alerts, and more with our bus tracking software.

Enhanced Compatibility

Enhanced Compatibility

The installation of GPS tracking devices in buses is straightforward with our bus monitoring solution and works with all types of vehicles. Our bus GPS tracking app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Using our live bus tracking solution, you can now get a complete picture of how your fleet and drivers are performing.

At Great Prices, Get the Best Bus Tracker in Nepal

At Great Prices, Get the Best Bus Tracker in Nepal

When transparency and profitability increase, running a business becomes a successful endeavor. Trackon is designed to help you with that. We provide the best bus live tracking services so you can focus on running a systematic bus fleet rather than worrying about profit margins. Our bus location tracker is the most affordable on the market, with guaranteed services. services. Be assured that investing in a bus GPS tracker for your fleet will yield great returns!


With our one-of-a-kind GPS bus tracker app, you can learn more about your fleet of buses.

Our bus GPS tracking solution includes the ability to track your bus from any location using a single mobile application. Whether you're looking for an Android or iPhone GPS tracking app, we've got you covered.


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