Why is Trackon GPS the Best GPS Fleet Tracker in Nepal?

Intelligent GPS Tracking for Fleets

Make sure that your trucks are secured wherever they go. Use Trackon's Fleet GPS Tracking App to secure and monitor your assets from theft or harm.

Remote Lock for Fleets

With Trackon's Vehicle Tracking app, you can lock and unlock your truck from afar and ensure that your trucks will not start without your approval.

Alerts in Real-Time

Get real-time ignition, device removal, over-speeding, and entry and exit point alerts. With our truck monitoring software, you can keep track of mileage, servicing and maintenance.

Fleet Safety at its Finest

Your fleet's security is important whether your trucks are in the factory or on the road. From your office, you can track your truck's location and receive alerts when it starts with Trackon's Fleet GPS Tracker in Nepal.

Control Fuel Cost

The Trackon GPS device for fleets can lead to cost savings on fuel and other operating expenses. Track your driver's behaviour, reduce unnecessary idling time, and save a good amount of money on fuel.

Fleet Reports

You can get complete details on distance, routes, trips, and stops during the last 90 days with the Trackon GPS app. With the best fleet GPS tracker in Nepal, you can now have a great time on the road.

Trackon's Fleet GPS Tracking Devices vs Other Unbranded Devices

Get Started with Trackon's Fleet Tracking Solution

In Nepal, transporters are forced to operate inefficient and unsafe trucks. Trackon is adamant about changing that. We are your one-stop solution for all your vehicle tracking needs. Your fleet will be able to easily maneuver through cities thanks to Trackon's GPS fleet tracking system. With Nepal's number one Fleet Management Solution, you can track KPIs like optimized route, fuel usage, ignition status, etc.

Updates in Real-Time

Updates in Real-Time

Our fleet tracking app provides accurate real-time location and diagnostic updates. Fleet managers can now access real-time information on the routes followed by their trucks and know their exact location. They can also effortlessly organize and maintain their full schedule. Trucks efficiently follow their timetables and work thanks to Trackon's online fleet tracking solution.

Make your business more profitable.

Make your business more profitable.

Using Trackon's fleet GPS tracking software, you can improve the transparency of your vehicle fleet. By installing a fleet GPS tracker in your Trucks, your maintenance costs decline, along with maximizing efficiency. With our fleet tracking software, you can ensure that safe driving practices are being followed on the road and get live updates on speed alerts, idle alerts, and more.

Enhanced compatibility

Enhanced compatibility

Our fleet monitoring system works with all types of vehicles, making the integration of GPS tracking devices for fleets simple. Our fleet GPS tracking app works on both Android and iOS. Now you can get a complete view of how the trucks in your fleet and your drivers are performing by utilizing our live fleet tracking app.

GPS Fleet Management Made Simple

GPS Fleet Management Made Simple

Investing in Trackon Fleet GPS Monitoring can change the face of Nepal's transportation sector. Our fleet monitoring solution enables you to meet delivery dates while strengthening your customer base. You can digitize your business operations and achieve maximum growth with our services. We can assist you in effectively simplifying your fleet operations. Maintain real-time fleet tracking and establish a transparent communication channel with your on-the-road staff.


With our one-of-a-kind GPS fleet tracker app, you can learn more about your fleets.

Our fleet GPS solution includes the ability to track your fleet from any location using a single mobile application. Whether you're looking for an Android or iPhone GPS tracking app, we've got you covered.


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